The item are for pick at 2508 Palisade Ave, Weehawken, NJ 07086 or you could have it delivery for a fee that start at $ 5  for local delivery. For all other deliveries please call.
Phone #  (201) 766-3188
Address  2508 Palisade Ave, Weehawken, NJ 07086
We offer a wide variety of design techniques, cake flavors, fillings and icings. From Meringue, Fondant and Gum Paste. Because each cake is made to order. Please call us a least 1 day ahead for small cakes, for larges cake, please call at least two weeks ahead, if you need the cake sooner please call .  We require  that at least 50% of total value of the cake  to be pay, in order to made the cake, in orders totaling more than 50$. I have the following type of cakes Dominican Cake, Chocolate Cake and Red velvet Cake, cake fillings Pineapple, Guava, Dulce de Leche, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and coconut.

Cake are priced according to the amount of servings and the work involved in the creation.

One pound of Dominican cake which could give you 15 to 20 serving start at $40.
The pound of cake in the website start at $50 plus the cost of any ditails that you want on the cake.
The pound of topsy turvy cake start at $60 plus the cost of any ditails that you want on the cake .
Fondant cake start at $80 plus the cost of any ditail that you want on the cake.

Solo le escribo para darle la gracias. El biscocho estaba bello!! Y asi como estaba de bello estaba de Rico . A todo el mundo le gusto muchicimo. Mil de gracias.

Mercedes                  November 5, 2012
Thank soo very much for this amazing cake... Everyone loved it...!!!

Rosa                            January 15, 2013
Espero todo este bien? Solo queria darte las gracias! El biscocho estuvo
Fenomenal! Y le di tu informacion a algunas personas, incluyendo a una para una boda! Asi que suerte! Ok hablamos para otra occasion.

Hilda S Miolan           January 27, 2013
I want to thank you for the AMAZING job you did on the crown cake.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the cake.  Some people didn't believe that it was edible.  You definitely have a returning customer.  Not only was it pretty but it tasted DELICIOUS!!!!

Jamie                            March 1 2013
Your cakes were a HIT at my fathers party!! THANK YOU!!!
You will be seeing me again!!!

Lisa                             March 18/2013

moet champagne cake
Querida Gladis,Acabamos de comer el bizcocho que ordenamos para hoy y estaba delicioso y todos en la oficina quedamos encantados. Tienes un clienta mas de ahora en adelante y te voy a recomendar a familiares y amistades.Gracias,

Mi nombre es Vivian. Te escribo porque quiero darte las gracias por el excelente trabajo q hiciste con el bizcocho para el baby Evans shower!! La decoracion quedo tal y como la queria y el bizcocho sabia delicioso!! Todos los invitados quedaron muy satisfechos! Muchas pidieron to informacion!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Vivian                                               June 9, 2013
babyshower  dominican cake, bizcocho dominicano de babyshower
Gracias nuevamente!!! Estaba bellismo y delicioso!! Todos c enamoraron de este biscocho!!... La verdad que tienes un arte!! Mil de gracias!!

Mercedes                                           June 16, 2013
Mi hija le gusto  Te mando un pequeno
Del pastel solo

Geovanny                                        June 24, 2013
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